About Us

The establishment purpose of this clinic Philosophy Commitment

Provide better quality TCM orthopaedic services for the community

Inherit the ancestral business, pass down the fire from generation to generation, study medical skills intensively, and benefit the people

Focus on treatment, solve the patient’s pain as a priority

Introduction of the clinic

As the largest chain of TCM orthopaedic clinics in Hong Kong, its founder, Mr. Mok King Pei, has been engaged in the development and promotion of TCM throughout his life. In 1930, he established Shanghai Fulimin Pharmacy TCM Center on Lockhart Road, Wanchai. In addition to daily consultations, he also produced solid Ben Peiyuan’s patent medicine “Jigui Erjing Pills” continued to establish “Yuedong Zhaoyuan Medicine Shop” in 1933, and created the family secret recipe “Bodhi Pearl” for treating nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. The bottle contains 108 pills, and There is a mirror trademark, which means “to the lighting mirror, with a clear conscience”.

Mr. Mo Lao has a relationship with the Buddha. He converted to Buddhism when he was young. He is a lay disciple of the founder of the Po Lin Monastery, Lantau Island, the founder of the monk You Ke, and the former master of Shi Zhihui. The law name is Jinghui Lay. Mr. Mo Lao was a doctor with the heart of his parents and devoted himself to charitable causes. In addition to donating medicine and medicine to the poor patients, he also raised donations for the Macau Jinghu Hospital and Guangzhou Chengxi Convenience Hospital for a long time, and worked with famous actors Xin Ma Zai and Xu Liuxian Make friends.

Mr. Mok has a wide range of benevolence and compassion in his life, so he established the “King Pei Traditional Chinese Medicine Comprehensive Treatment Clinic” and “Hong Kong Orthopaedic Injury and Spine Specialist Clinic”, hoping to pass on the fire and continue to carry forward his spirit of benevolence.

Its third-generation descendant, Dr. Mo Yonghao, has been fascinated by the research on spine and various soft tissue trauma, and has created a unique set of orthopaedic pathological treatment system theory. The orthopaedic team led by Dr. Mok has also set up clinics in different communities in Hong Kong, dedicated to providing better orthopaedic services to residents in the district.

Clinic Development

Shanghai Fulimin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Chinese Medicine Hall

In addition to daily consultations, it also produces the “Chickui Erjing Pill”, a patented medicine that strengthens the essence of life.


“Guangdong Zhaoyuan Medicine Store”

Created “Bodhi Beads”, a family secret recipe for treating nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. The bottle contains 108 pills and has a mirror trademark, which means “a clear conscience for lighting mirrors”.